Countdown to 2014-2015: What’s new in HISD #4 — Construction set to start on all Group 1 bond schools

This is the seventh in a series of stories counting down to the start of school, spotlighting what is new in HISD in the coming year.

As campuses head into the new school year, expect to see lots of work going on in HISD, with simultaneous work on two bond programs. Over the next several months, contractors will be busy at several campuses finishing up a variety of projects under the $805 million 2007 bond program, including new air conditioning, mechanical and electrical systems for Hogg Middle School and new classroom lighting at Pugh Elementary.

As those projects are completed, work on the $1.89 billion 2012 bond program is ramping up, with construction set to begin on all the schools in the first group of the program by the end of the year. Those schools include:

Condit ES Mandarin Chinese Waltrip HS
DeBakey HS Milby Washington HS
Furr HS North Houston Early College White, Mark ES
Grady MS Sharpstown HS Worthing HS
HSPVA South Early College Young Men’s College Prep
Lee HS Sterling HS

This is an exciting milestone for the bond program. Project Advisory Teams (PAT) from each campus have been heavily involved in the planning process.  Their input is helping to ensure that HISD’s new schools are built to fit the needs and standards of each community and not have a cookie-cutter look or feel. Each building will be unique, reflecting the specific requirements of each campus and neighborhood.

While Group 1 schools transition into the construction phase, Group 2 PATs have been hard at work, and most of this batch of eight schools is now moving forward into the design phase.  HISD’s planning team is also currently working with principals to establish PATs at the remaining schools in Groups 3 and 4 and will ensure that these teams include both neighborhood and student representatives so that all stakeholders have an opportunity to be heard.

Construction work can be messy and inconvenient – but the HISD team is working with its contractors to minimize the disruption to students, staff and neighbors.  As these schools rise from the ground up, the district is seeking to build 21st century learning environments that will help all students be successful.

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