Video highlights design ideas for new Dowling Middle School

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A new HISD video, which was recently presented to stakeholders, provides an overview on the status of the design process at Dowling Middle School.

“Dowling Middle School believes in parents as partners. We believe in valuing our stakeholders and their input,” said Dowling Principal Tynette Guinn. “Knowing that we are about to embark on 21st century learning with our new campus is very exciting for us, the parents, the students, and the community.”

Dowling is part of the second group of HISD schools to undergo construction under the 2012 bond program. Through the program, Dowling was allotted $59.1 million to construct a new school

The schematic design phase of the project is progressing on schedule and planning will continue into next year. Construction is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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“We’ve looked at the overall campus, and we’ve looked at how we’re going to solve the problems,” said James Harrison, Principal, Harrison Kornberg Architects. “From there, we’re starting to look at the individual design of the classroom spaces, the fine arts spaces.”

Dowling serves students in grades 6 through 8 in south Houston and offers a fine arts magnet program. The main building at the school was constructed in 1966, and currently the campus utilizes 17 temporary buildings.

At least two more community meetings will be held to present information and request feedback from the community.