HISD facilities planner awarded scholarship to attend CEFPI World Congress

Princess Jenkins

Princess Jenkins

Princess Jenkins, a facilities planner for HISD’s 2012 bond program,  was recently selected by the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International (CEFPI), Southern Region Foundation to receive an all-expenses paid scholarship to attend the CEFPI World Congress in Portland, Oregon.

Conference attendees toured new schools in the Pacific Northwest area Oct. 3-6, attended interactive sessions and presentations on state-of-the art planning and design principles, and visited the industry expo, which highlighted the latest in materials, equipment, and systems for 21st century schools.

“I was fortunate to be selected to attend. It was a great experience – an excellent learning and networking opportunity,” Jenkins said. “I’d definitely like to become more involved with the organization.”

Jenkins began her career with HISD working as an Apollo 20 tutor and then as an after-school coordinator at Crockett Elementary School. In March 2013, she assumed her current position in the Construction & Facility Services department as a facilities planner for new schools. She holds a masters’ degree in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy, and is currently working on her thesis to complete a second masters in Geographic Information Systems, which she expects to receive next summer.

“Once I finish up my degree, I would like to pursue certification through CEFPI as an educational facilities planner,” Jenkins said. “I want to plan the best educational facilities possible, within budget, to meet the 21st century needs of students and schools.”

In her current role, Jenkins is responsible for the creation and oversight of site-specific educational specifications for her assigned schools, which are part of the 2012 bond program. She works closely with Project Advisory Teams and campuses to ensure that educational programs are not only accounted for, but also implemented from planning to design to construction.

Jenkins credits her supervisor, Sue Robertson, general manager of facilities planning, with providing a supportive work environment that values professional development and encourages employees to achieve at high levels. Robertson is a past president of the international organization.

“It’s fantastic that Princess took the initiative to apply for the scholarship and attend the event, Robertson said. “I’m proud of her. I think the sky’s the limit for her in this field – or in anything she sets out to accomplish.”

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  1. Pcelesti Celestin

    You go Princess!

    very proud of you and know that you will continue to soar to heights unknown!

    Young and beautiful you are, keep the great attitude and altitude just wont be a problem!

    Love you and may goodness continue to follow you all the days of your life!

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