20 HISD football teams play this weekend

Twenty HISD high school football teams are in action this weekend! After you trick-or-treat on Friday, head out to a stadium to cheer on your favorite team! After you get home from one (or two) games on Saturday, don’t forget to turn your clock back an hour before you head to bed — you get an extra hour of sleep because Daylight Saving Time is ending!


Home Visitor Location Time
Wheatley Navasota Barnett, 6800 Fairway 7 p.m.
Sharpstown Yates Butler, 13755 South Main 7 p.m.
Washington Sterling Delmar, 2020 Mangum 7 p.m.
Waltrip Austin Dyer, 2020 Mangum 7 p.m.
Furr Sealy Cowart, 10721 Mesa 7 p.m.


Home Visitor Location Time
Milby Lamar Barnett, 6800 Fairway 1 p.m.
Chavez Bellaire Barnett, 6800 Fairway 6 p.m.
Madison Lee Butler, 13755 South Main 1 p.m.
Westside Westbury Delmar, 2020 Mangum 1 p.m.
Davis North Forest Cowart, 10721 Mesa 1 p.m.
Kashmere Scarborough Delmar, 2020 Mangum 6 p.m.