Endurance sport training builds fortitude and fraternity at Sharpstown HS

The Aramco Houston Half Marathon is still about ten weeks away, but excitement is building at one HISD school, courtesy of a science teacher with a penchant for endurance sports. Sarah Kingston and a group of like-minded students and staff members at Sharpstown High School have been training together now for about five weeks in preparation for that annual event.

“Our students and staff ran a 5k race on Nov. 2,” said Kingston, “and it was an amazing experience. Last week, students ran the same two-mile loop that they did during the first week of training, and they were really able to see changes in their running.”

“It’s been a great way to build the Sharpstown culture and cohesiveness,” added EMERGE program manager Victoria Doan. “You have freshmen and seniors training together and chatting about school and college, all while motivating each other to keep running. And you have staff members who never interacted much before planning together while running alongside the students.”

The group will continue to train together until the marathon takes place on Sunday, Jan. 18.