Elementary students are already thinking about college

While seniors are applying for colleges, elementary school students are already thinking about which universities they may want to attend one day.

Fifth-graders at McGowen ES recently participated in a college fair during the school’s college week. Students learned about universities across the country and met with local college students, then used their reading and writing skills to complete a college essay and application.

Classrooms at Sutton ES were identified by college names for the annual event, and students learned about their assigned schools, made up cheers for them, and designed posters to show college pride.

1 thought on “Elementary students are already thinking about college

  1. Ann Pennell

    I’m a counselor at Nixon-Smiley Elementary in Smiley, Texas. We are planning a College Fair the month of May 2015.

    I loved looking at the pictures of the students/teachers and the colleges/universities they represented. I got some great ideas from your site. What a great way to get our students excited about going to college!!!


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