Luby’s surprises student with $1,000 check for demonstrating great character


The restaurant chain Luby’s surprised a student with a $1,000 check on Wednesday, Dec. 3 at  Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men as an award for demonstrating outstanding character.

Mickey Leland seventh-grader Dawan Henderson was selected as the second six weeks overall winner for the Luby’s ACT (Achieving Character Together) Program. He was nominated by his social studies teacher, Palak Desai.

“Dawan overcomes his hardships and is the epitome of a model student,” Desai wrote in her nomination. “He is always there to help peers, whether it is leading them through a problem in and outside of the classroom, or it is simply being a good role model for his peers by adhering to the school and classroom expectations. Dawan is always respectful, to students and staff alike, because he truly believes that one must give respect in order to gain respect. He is a model student at Mickey Leland College Prep. by showing commitment to education and service, as well as day-to-day activities such as always being in dress code, and being a hardworking young man.”

Every six weeks, Luby’s picks one silver award winner from among the bronze award winners, which are selected at every participating middle school campus for demonstrating outstanding character values such as respect, commitment, self-discipline, loyalty, punctuality, and adherence to dress code.

Last month, another HISD student was selected as the restaurant’s first six-weeks winner of its ACT Program.