HISD employees donate more than $309,000 to Combined Charities

Top contributors saluted for Combined Charities participation

Top contributors saluted for Combined Charities participation

HISD’s Combined Charities Campaign concluded on Oct. 31 this year, and when all of the pledges were tallied, district employees had contributed more than $309,000 to support their favorite causes.

Here is a breakdown of the departments and campuses with the highest pledge amounts:

 Among non-campus-based work locations:

 * 76 or more employees: Child Study $3,790

* 40 to 75 employees: Multilingual/Special Programs $2,648

* 21 to 39 employees: Secondary Curriculum Instruction $2,488

* 1 to 20 employees: Middle Schools Office $4,206

 Among campus-based work locations:

 * 206 or more employees: Bellaire High School $10,014

* 138 to 205 employees: Madison High School $9,746

* 69 to 137 employees: Yates High School $8,719

* 1 to 68 employees: Anderson Elementary School $4,940

The United Way of Greater Houston received the most support again this year, with a total of $55,189 in contributions.

“Once again, Team HISD has proven that there is success in unity,” said Strategic Partnership’s Tanya Mackey. “Our commitment to ‘Making the Difference’ in the lives of others via generous contributions to various charities is what makes HISD truly great all over.”