Waltrip High School getting a modern makeover

Renovations at Waltrip High School are changing the look of the campus as glass installation recently got underway, which will replace aging windows and orange metal panels which date back to 1959 when the school was first built.

Bond Waltrip

A worker installs windows at Waltrip High School.

The change will give the campus a modern feel and be a welcomed by many stakeholders who have expressed a strong desire to see the orange panels go.

“The new glass will not only be more energy efficient, it will help transform the look of the school, and I think the students and community will be pleased with the outcome,” said HISD Project Manager Brian Alling.

As part of the current bond package, Houston voters approved a partial building replacement and general renovations to accommodate 1,800 students.

Significant behind-the-scenes work has already taken place including the upgrading of the campus main electrical service feed, replacement of electrical panels and transformers in several areas, and demolition work in Area A of the project. The baseball field batting cage and pitcher’s mound work is near completion, and construction has begun on restrooms and storage buildings for the field.

This project is currently undergoing a scope to budget review. In the coming weeks, the bond team will be working to finalize construction contracts and schedules.

“We are all very eager for the transformation and welcome the renovations to transform our classrooms into a 21st-century learning environment,” said Waltrip Principal Andria Schur. “We’re especially excited to see the great designs come to life – a result of the collaboration of many who support our students and programs in truly defining a quality comprehensive high school.”