Seniors prepare for TEDx debut

For their senior project, 104 Challenge Early College High School students spent this school year researching and writing an in-depth presentation on a topic of interest, unique to each student. The students are competing for a spot in Challenge’s own TEDx event. Making the senior projects part of an impactful and far-reaching showcase is the inspiration of Gifted and Talented Independent Study teacher Joshua Silberman.

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TEDx events are presentations about how individuals, organizations, and communities can change the world in a positive way. They are part of the TED nonprofit organization, which is devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short powerful talks (18 minutes or less).

Silberman submitted a 17-page application stating the goals for the senior exhibition project to TEDx last summer, and started working with the students to plan and prepare their presentations.

Of the 104 students, 10 to 15 seniors will be chosen to speak. The theme is “What do seniors know?” They will talk on a wide variety of topics, including art, science, happiness, and health.

“It provides these seniors a voice that goes beyond the campus, even beyond the district, to an online realm where they can reach millions,” said Silberman. “It’s a chance for them to show exactly what they know and start making that change early on in their lives.”

Challenge Early College HS will hold the TEDx event on May 18.