Thank an educator during Teacher Appreciation Week May 4–8

If you can balance your checkbook, make a grocery list, or even read this sentence, you have a teacher to thank.

Educators help prepare young people for the world of adulthood—and for more than 170 days each year, HISD teachers carry out that mission—by teaching them not only the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also how to approach difficult problems, how to think things through logically, and even how to persist in the face of adversity.

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Whether they are explaining how to solve an algebraic equation or showing a student how to swing a baseball bat correctly, teachers give their all to Houston’s children, and HISD would like to extend its thanks to the more than 11,000 teachers who serve in its classrooms during Teacher Appreciation Week May 4–8, with special emphasis given to Tuesday, May 5, Teacher Appreciation Day.

For more information on Teacher Appreciation Week, including dozens of ideas on how students and schools can show their appreciation to educators, please visit the National Education Association’s Web site. This year, that organization is also conducting a social media contest, in which participants can win $100 gift cards to give to their favorite teachers. Visit the site for complete details.

Be sure to help HISD pick the Fan Favorite among the campus-based Teachers of the Year by taking part in our survey. The first round of voting ends Friday, May 8, at noon. The two elementary, middle, and high school teachers with the most votes will move on to round two of the survey. The teacher with the most votes from among the six finalists will be announced as the first ever HISD Fan Favorite at the Celebration of Excellence on May 15.

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