Rice MBA award given to high school assistant principal

Keri Wittpenn

Keri Wittpenn

Keri Wittpenn, an assistant principal at the Jane Long Academy, has been named the winner of the Founders Award by the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP). The REEP Founders Award is given to one REEP Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree candidate each year. As a 2015 graduate of Rice’s MBA program, Wittpenn was chosen for this award by her fellow classmates due to her leadership in both the REEP and her educational community.

“Keri was always prepared to take on new challenges with an open mind,” said Shea Bledsoe, assistant director of REEP recruiting and marketing. “[She] exhibited the qualities of an ideal REEP leader.”

Marcela Baez, the Jane Long Academy principal, believes this award is well-deserved due to Wittpenn’s contributions to the school.

“Not only is she an integral part of our school community, Ms. Wittpenn exemplifies what it means to be a visionary leader,” Baez said. “It is truly a privilege to have her as part of Team Long and to represent our school and district as a stellar leader and recipient of this well respected award.”

Wittpenn attended her REEP graduation ceremony on May 12. She will continue dedicating her skills to Jane Long Academy.