Service Excellence Employees of the Month recognized for July

Four HISD employees were celebrated as July’s Employee of the month for Service Excellence during a special breakfast with Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla on Tuesday morning.

HISD’s Business Operations department hosts the monthly event, which recognizes employees from the areas of Transportation, Police, Nutrition Services, Construction and Facilities Services, and Business Assistance who provide excellent customer service.

 (Houston Independent School District)

From left to right: Cordell Holloman (June honoree), Saleem Syed, Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla. Tameka Givens and Sergeant Tridung Tran. Not pictured: Stanley Williams.

“To know that my general manager and the people I work with recognized me makes me feel appreciated,” said HISD Transportation general clerk Tameka Givens. “For me, it was a confidence booster. I’m always willing to go above and beyond in the work I do because it is a reflection of myself.”

The following employees were selected for performing in a safe, courteous, responsive, and efficient manner:

Sergeant Tridung Tran was nominated after helping out a community member who fell ill after a graduation ceremony at Barnett Stadium. “While waiting for the bus in the sun, Mr. Vaesa started feeling very bad and Sgt. Tran offered both of them food and water,” said HISD PD Chief of Police Robert Mock. “Mr. Vaesa is currently in the hospital for unknown reasons and said that we wanted to not let Sergeant Tran’s concern for him and his wife go unnoticed.”

“Mr. Stanley Williams is a very dedicated, hardworking employee that handles every task or challenge that comes his way,” said HISD Construction and Facility Services Area Manager Barbara Mora. “The duties may change on a day to day basis, but Mr. Williams never loses his cool — he finds out what needs to be done and how he can best service the staff and students at Worthing High School.”

“During his 24 years with HISD, Mr. Saleem Syed has shown a quiet dedication to the district, supporting HISD staff and students on numerous occasions,” said HISD Environmental Consulting Manager Darrell Wilson. “In addition, Mr. Syed plays an integral part in helping to foster positive relationships between the Environmental Consulting area of the Risk Management department, CFS departments and with the many schools and facilities within HISD.”

HISD Transportation General Manager Nathan Graf says Tameka Givens is always accurate and timely when handling over 250 employees within the department. “She is always willing to assist whenever needed on special projects and assignments,” Graf said. “She is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow — one of a kind and overwhelmingly a bright team player.”