Band students now required to get pre-participation physicals

HISD has long required its student athletes to obtain clearance from their healthcare providers before participating in extracurricular activities — and now, that same policy will apply to students in marching bands, too.

“Whether they’re wearing 20 pounds of padding or carrying around a 20-pound tuba, it’s important for students to have a physical examination before they start practicing or playing,” said Director of Athletics and University Interscholastic League band activities Marmion Dambrino. “At HISD, safety is our top priority, so we want to make sure all of our students have a clean bill of health before they get out onto the field, particularly in this heat.”

The new requirement only applies to secondary students (middle and high school) in marching bands. Mariachi, polka, and other types of band programs are exempt.

Parents with questions may contact their children’s band director for assistance. Examinations are sometimes provided on campus for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Alternatively, students may also contact one of several school-based health clinics (scroll to bottom of page to see .pdf list) to schedule an exam, or visit any approved medical provider of their choosing.

The deadline for students to obtain their pre-participation physical exams is Monday, Aug. 31, 2015.