CFS announces new attendance incentive program during welcome back in-service

HISD Construction and Facilities Services managers last week announced a new attendance incentive program during the department’s annual Welcome Back Professional Development session.

Throughout the day on Wednesday, over 1,800 employees were treated to breakfast and lunch before heading to a packed auditorium at HISD’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps headquarters to receive awards and recognition for their hard work across the district. Employees also learned that eligible CFS employees will have an opportunity to receive up to $1,000 in additional pay based on excellent attendance.

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General Manager of Facilities Services Brian Busby says the in-service is a way to let CFS employees know how important each role is to the everyday success of the district.

“I want everyone in the room to know you are all valued,” said Busby. “This is something from a morale perspective not just annually, but weekly and monthly to recognize our employees.”

Along with recognizing staff members and retirees, the department announced the 2015-2016 CFS Attendance Incentive Program, which is designed to make sure the district has adequate staffing across all areas of CFS by rewarding those employees who make excellent attendance a priority during the school year. The program officially begins on Monday.

HISD Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla was on hand during the in-service to also thank CFS employees for their work together as a team.

“Please know that our kids do count on you every day along with our teachers and staff to make sure that everything is ready to go the way it should be,” Bobadilla told the audience. “I wish we could do more to thank you, but this is our small way of saying thank you for everything you’re doing.”

2015-2016 CFS Attendance Incentive Program

In order to be eligible, CFS employees must not be managers and hold jobs at Pay Grade 26 or lower.  The $1,000 stipend will be divided into three amounts to be paid out on Dec. 16 ($500), March 9 ($250) and June 15 ($250).

To qualify for a payout, employees must have zero absences with the exception of:

  • Jury Duty
  • Subpoena
  • Funeral leave
  • 5 days of pre-approved vacation days per HISD semester, ending in December and June

Period 1:

Start/End dates: 8/17/15 – 12/06/15

Payout date of $500: 12/16/15

Period 2:

Start/End dates: 12/07/15 – 02/28/16

Payout date of $250: 3/09/16

Period 3:

Start/End dates: 2/29/16 – 06/05/16

Payout date of $250: 06/15/16