Arabic Immersion Magnet School holds grand opening celebration

HISD marked the formal debut of its Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS) with a grand opening celebration on Wednesday.

“When Dr. Grier mentioned the possibility of opening this campus a little less than two years ago at the State of the Schools luncheon, I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” said Principal Kate Adams. “At the time, I was dean of instruction at an international studies early college high school in HISD, but I had also just recently become a mom. The idea of opening an Arabic immersion school seemed exciting, because it’s exactly the kind of school I wanted for my own daughter, one that’s preparing her to be a competent member of the global economy.”

Less than three weeks into the new school year, Adams reported that many of her students could already count to 10, recite the alphabet, identify colors, and even write a few basic words (like their names) in Arabic. “The students are doing great,” she said. “I’ve been impressed with how quickly they’re picking it up.”

The event featured a performance by AIMS kindergarten students and a guided campus tour, which gave guests insight into how the school is laying the foundation for future Global Graduates.

“I’m just so glad my daughter got into this school,” said parent Keila Perez. “Especially because she already knows Spanish and English, and now she will be trilingual.”

Other special guests included HISD Board of Education Trustees Anna Eastman and Harvin Moore, Chief Academic Officer Andrew Houlihan, and Maggie Salem, executive director of the Qatar Foundation International, a key supporter of the school.