First Class Breakfast program expanding to high schools

Food Research and Action Center awards Nutrition Services $64,000 grant

The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) has awarded HISD’s Nutrition Services department $64,000 to expand the First Class Breakfast program in HISD high schools. The grant will ensure that students at eight high schools get a nutritious, free breakfast every school day.

A 2012 HISD study reported better academic performance, behavior, and attendance in schools that served breakfast. Nutrition Services Director of Operations Odell Warren explained how beneficial the program is to helping students stay focused in class.

“A good breakfast helps students be successful in their school day,” said Warren. “And the grant will help attract more high schools to the program so that more students are getting the most important meal of the day.”

The First Class Breakfast program, where students are served and eat breakfast right in their class, was mandated in 2010 by the HISD Board of Education for elementary and middle schools. The FRAC grant will help expand the program to high schools, where breakfast is traditionally served in the cafeteria.

FRAC Policy Analyst Mieka Sanderson visited HISD to observe the breakfast service.

“I got to see HISD’s First Class Breakfast in action,” Sanderson said. “It’s a well-oiled machine and the Food Service attendants made it feel like a family affair.”