Condit community gathers to celebrate school one last time before demolition

With just a few weeks left before demolition, Condit Elementary School was packed Sunday as the community gathered to reminisce with old friends, scribble well-wishes on the wall, and get one last glimpse of their beloved building.

A longstanding anchor of the Bellaire community, Condit Elementary School is being rebuilt as part of the 2012 Bond Program. The existing school building — more than a century old — will be demolished after construction of its replacement is complete this summer.

The new school, still located at 7000 South 3rd St., is scheduled to open its doors for the 2016-2017 school year.

Scores of current and former students and staff gathered at the campus to celebrate the neighborhood school, and share favorite memories from the old building. Here are a few:

  • We have lots of memories. We used to play hopscotch out here. But my favorite memory was the trail ride. Every year when the rodeo came, the riders would ride their horses right past the school. We’d get to go out to the field. — Former Student and Condit Class of 1976 Lesa Gorena
  • I remember walking over to the fire station and getting cokes out of the coke machine. — Former Student and Condit Class of 1976 Dee Dee Underwood
  • Living across the street, I was often called after hours. (My dog) Laddie and I would go at night and walk the halls. — School Secretary Liz Mitchell, who retired in 1999 after working 30 years under four principals
  • When we used to play on the playground, and the boys used to chase me around. — Former Condit Kindergartner Tatiana Cosculluela
  • I think the best thing is the community. The teachers and parents, its one big family. We did everything together. — Former Condit Parent Michelle Cosculluela
  • Field Day was always great – but I don’t think I ever won anything. I think that was probably what made Condit, Condit. It was just about camaraderie. It taught us to play on teams before we ever joined a team. …It’s kind of bitter sweet, like a last goodbye. I’m walking the halls, and I feel so much taller. — Former Student and Condit Class of 2009 Helena Rodriguez, who is a graduating senior at Bellaire High School
  • In fifth grade I remember doing the food drive! …One thing hasn’t changed — the interior and the smell. The school just smells like Condit. — Former Student and Condit Class of 2009 Georgi Simpson, who is a graduating senior at Bellaire High School
  • Every Friday we do snow cones after school. The first Friday that I was here, I walked outside and saw Friday snow cones. That’s when I realized what this school and this community was all about. — Condit Principal Dan Greenberg

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One thought on “Condit community gathers to celebrate school one last time before demolition

  1. Bob Ruman

    I remember when the class pictures were taken on the exterior steps to the second floor administration office and the library was below on the first floor, there was an old building with four classrooms. This was all prior to doing away with Laurel. Remembering many of the teachers: Eubanks, Brand, Hart, Edwards and Stetler (spelling?) There was a Bellaire police officer by the name of Plumb that served as a street crossing guard on a three wheel motorcycle; the 12 O’clock Friday horn that sounded every Friday. This was back in the days when you rode your bike to school with no concern other than the weather and the way the wind might blow! Go to Dugan Drug store for cinnamon (the tooth picks)…..great memories…..

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