HISD Nutrition Services looking for people to join their team 

HISD’s Nutrition Services department plays a vital part in the district’s mission to prepare students for success after school. Students can’t learn if they’re not properly fed.

The Nutrition Services team members understand this and take their jobs seriously, which is why nearly 500 job seekers recently attended their job fair. While about 200 people were hired, Nutrition Services still needs more motivated team members to help cook and serve healthy meals to the district’s students. 

What kind of employee is the district looking for? Operations Manager Catherine Roberts said her team is looking for candidates who are team players, have a positive outlook, and are willing to learn.

“I’m looking for kid-friendly personnel,” Roberts said. “A school kitchen can be a demanding environment, and we must put our students first.”

Nutrition Services employs nearly 2,200 food-service professionals in its support facility and throughout the 283 campuses across the district. The face of Nutrition Services are the food-service attendants who serve healthy meals to more than 215,000 students in HISD.

Nutrition Services processes school meals at its 220,000 square-foot food-services support facility, which is equipped with a bakery, a cook/chill area, cold-foods packaging stations, and a shipping kitchen. The facility also has a 45,000 square-foot climate-controlled warehouse for storage, and a transportation fleet that delivers food supplies to HISD schools.

Andrel Russell, who attended the job fair in June, said she wants to become a HISD employee because she has had so many great experiences as an HISD parent.

“There is something special about this school district,” Russell said. “The people are polite, and they educate our children, which is what makes me want to be part of HISD.”

For more information about Nutrition Services job openings, call Rosario Beltran at 713-491-5700.