Energy Institute HS students create art car for Super Bowl festivities 

Energy Institute High School unveiled a student-created art car on Monday at Discovery Green that was created in partnership with Noble Energy for this year’s Art Car Parade.

The car was on display Monday night as part of the Super Bowl showcase. The goal was to create a car that revealed how oil and gas companies extend to our everyday lives beyond the gas pump.

Our art car displays images of everyday items that are made from petroleum. The car, which lights up and glows in the dark, was created with pieces made with the school’s laser cutter, 3D printer and other electrical knowledge, such as an LED lighting system using several colors.

“The number of hours the students spent designing everything with engineering software and cutting it using the laser cutter is insane,” said Principal Lori Lambropoulos. “It looks so good that people may not realize the kids actually made all of it.”