Citgo, Harris County Sheriff’s Office honor 56 HISD students for perfect attendance

CITGO Petroleum Corp., in partnership with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, on Tuesday gave away 56 Kindle Fire tablets to HISD students with perfect attendance this school year – part of “Kindling Young Minds,” a project in its sixth year that is designed to boost attendance.

Six students from each of HISD’s eight regions (two students per grade level) plus eight special education students were selected at random and received their Kindles at a ceremony held at Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center. HISD’s Dropout Prevention and Information Technology departments worked together to develop a random selection tool to ensure equity.

HISD Deputy Superintendent Sam Sarabia, representatives from Citgo, and Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez handed out the devices to students, who were accompanied by family members and school staff.

“To the parents, we know for a child to have perfect attendance really requires you to be on duty 24/7,” Sarabia said. “To the parents sitting here, the grandparents, the guardians, we wish to thank you because we know our students couldn’t have perfect attendance without you.”

Students who received a certificate along with their new Kindle Fire were:

  • Abiodun Orepo-Orjay, Welch Middle School
  • Abril Secundino, Golfcrest Elementary School
  • Adrian Ramirez, Hogg Middle School
  • Ajay Pizano, Heights High School
  • Arian Arnwine, Sterling High School
  • Arlie Gosser, Energized for STEM Academy
  • Carlos Colmenero Ballesteros, Clifton Middle School
  • Cecilia Monreal, High School for Law and Justice
  • Collin Crockett, Pershing Middle School
  • Daisy Cortez, M.C. Williams Middle School
  • Dana Tahan, Lamar High School
  • Daniel Chen, Barbara Bush Elementary School
  • Danielle Alonzo, Durham Elementary School
  • Dwayne Bryant, Attucks Middle School
  • Emily Barrientos, Fleming Middle School
  • Emily Pan, Bellaire High School
  • Eric Chairez, Fondren Middle School
  • Gerardo Gutierrez, Chavez High School
  • Ingabire Umuhoza, Las Americas Middle School
  • Ismael Hernandez Gonzalez, Garcia Elementary School
  • Jake Robinson, Mount Carmel Academy
  • Ja’Lyn Derouen, Atherton Elementary School
  • Jenesis Valasquez, Rodriguez Elementary School
  • Jimena Escamilla Reyes, Hartman Middle School
  • John Caldwell, Mickey Leland Preparatory Academy for Young Men
  • Jose Maldonado, Raul Martinez Elementary School
  • Jose Maria Perez, Navarro Middle School
  • Joseph Higginbotham, Fonville Middle School
  • Katelyn Banks, Tanglewood Middle School
  • Kelsey Word, Codwell Elementary School
  • Kenedi Benjamin, Kandy Stripe Academy
  • Liam Mahone, Shadowbriar Elementary School
  • Luis Gomez, HCC Life Skills Program
  • Mariana Torres, Rusk Elementary School
  • Mario Menshu Saldana, Bell Elementary School
  • Merari Zaldana, Sherman Elementary School
  • Murcole Breaux, Young Scholars Academy
  • Naydelin Ramirez Fabela, Oates Elementary School
  • Norris Ford, Wheatley High School
  • Omari Shango, Sherman Elementary School
  • Patrick Hudnell, South Early College High School
  • Preston Snowden, Anderson Elementary School
  • Ramina Nejad, Westside High School
  • Repent Nikuzwe, Burnet Elementary School
  • Richard Chavez, Heights High School
  • Sanayia Golden, Foster Elementary School
  • Sebastian Giron, Mickey Leland Preparatory Academy for Young Men
  • Shivani Saravanan, Westside High School
  • Sinya Bisor, Elmore Elementary School
  • Sophia Torres, Lantrip Elementary School
  • Taylisse Boissonneault, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Trang Hoang, Westbriar Middle School
  • Yoyada Weldegabr, Energized for Excellence Middle School
  • Zoe Powell, Gregory-Lincoln Middle School
  • Alberto Cardenas, Northside High School
  • Joana Ventura, Westbury High School

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