New Westbury HS construction project moving along

The Westbury High School Huskies are seeing significant changes on their campus as construction on their two story addition is nearly halfway complete.

The $40 million dollar project, which is a part of HISD’s voter-approved 2012 Bond, calls for general renovations to the current building, as well as a new addition with 26 classrooms, flexible learning centers, two new gyms, and a dual purpose commons serving as both a dining area and space for students to gather.

“There is great progress being made as far as I can visibly see,” Westbury Principal Susan Monaghan said. “I think it’s going to be awesome for Westbury and the community.”

Renovation plans for the existing building also call for the front entrance to be redesigned and relocated to the atrium, creating a prominent, easily identifiable and secure main entry. With two sets of doors, visitors will be able to enter the secure foyer, but must get administrative authorization before going further into the school.

Demolition of the existing temporary buildings will begin sometime after construction of the new addition is completed, making room for new tennis courts and a detention pond. New baseball and softball fields were included in an earlier phase of the project and already have been completed.

To alleviate traffic congestion, student drop-off and pick-up will be located in front of the school, while bus pick-up and drop-off is located at the back.

Bond surplus funds also will be used to supplement the school’s fine arts department. The project is slated for completion during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Westbury is among 40 schools, including 29 high schools, being rebuilt or renovated as part of HISD’s 2012 Bond program. Active construction is underway on roughly three dozen campuses across the district. Almost half of the schools in the program will be complete and open to students by the end of this summer. Once all work is finished, the district will boast of one of the most modern portfolios of urban high schools in the country.