Board of Trustees hears update on positive developments in Achieve 180 program 

As the district prepares to wrap up the first half of the school year, Achieve 180 leadership had nothing but positive results to share on the program’s first semester to Board of Trustees on Monday.

Achieve 180 Area Superintendent Felicia Adams provided an update that focused on how the program’s pillars have yielded immediate outcomes within the first half of the school year.

The six guiding pillars within Achieve 180 program provide the strategic framework for the transformational work being done at campuses.

The pillars focus on leadership excellence, teaching excellence, school design, social and emotional learning support, and family and community empowerment. 

Pillar II, which focuses on teacher excellence utilized strong campus support through teacher development specialists to make great strides within the classroom.

“With teacher development specialists, we are able to work collaboratively with the teachers to develop instruction that’s effective in students’ learning,” Adams said. “Our TDS provided nearly 10,000 hours of coaching support, which included more than 1,500 individual coaching sessions and attracted almost 200 teachers for secondary professional learning.”

One of the program’s biggest achievements for the month was also produced from Pillar II, where all Achieve 180 campuses hit 100 percent compliance in special education.

“This means that all Achieve 180 interventions teams and the district’s Special Education Services department worked together to complete evaluations, produce individualized plans for students, confirmed students were receiving said services, and ensure all coding related to those students were notated appropriately in the system,” Assistant Superintendent for the Office of Special Education Services Shannon Verrett said.

Other pillars that produced results included Pillar IV: School Design; Pillar V: Social and Emotional Learning Support; and Pillar VI: Family and Community Empowerment.

In Pillar IV, members of Career & College Readiness department dedicated extra campus resources and advisor support provided a greater increase of support which led to an increase in seniors that have submitted college applications as of the first week of November.

It is the program’s hope that its next steps in hosting “FAFSA Road Shows” at various campuses to support families with financial aid submission will lead to spikes in college application submissions.

As the program continues, leadership wants to ensure there’s great emphasis on the level of support being provided at each campus as initial results have proven that a specialized focus unique to each campus are showing signs of a turnaround.

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