High school fine arts students use dance to connect

Students from Bellaire, Lamar, Madison, Milby, Westbury, and Westside high schools collaborated on a dance piece performed in response to a strong poem written and recited by Andrea Minotti, a senior dance student at Westside High School.

“This situation will fade, but we can’t run away from it,” he writes, “so as the days go by, sitting inside, what you will make of it?” Minotti’s powerful message inspired the dancers to express their emotions during this difficult time.

Paris Kent, Andy Ayala, Corinne Miller, Candiss Drexler, Tanya Jones, and Amberly Altamirano Daniels collaborated on the dance project. Simon Chardey, a senior from Lamar HS, complied and edited the individual videos to express the students’ belief that through dance they can connect, heal, and stay strong.