HISD employees to complete daily health screenings

The Houston Independent School District is preparing for students and staff to return to classrooms and office workspaces over the coming weeks.

The district’s top priority during this phase of returning to in-person work is the health and safety of students and staff. HISD is partnering with Axiom Medical to support employees. Axiom Medical has nurses on staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as well as a chief medical officer. The Axiom Medical health screening app will help employees determine whether it is safe for them to come into work.

Effective Monday, September 28, all employees must use Axiom Medical’s Checkin2work (CI2W) app to log in and complete a daily self-attestation before arriving at work. The daily self-attestation consists of answering COVID-19-related questions. Employees without internet access should call HISD’s Health and Medical Services at (713) 556-7280 to complete the daily self-attestation.

In addition to an email from HISD’s Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan, employees should have received a welcome email from Axiom with more information on how to download the app and accept the terms of use. Employees should contact their supervisor if they do not receive the email or have issues downloading the app.

Based on answers to certain questions, the app will either provide the clearance for work or a referral to medical personnel for further review.

Supervisors will have access to an Axiom dashboard to review employees’ status. A green light indicates that the employee is cleared for in-person work, while a red light denotes that the employee should contact Axiom at the phone number provided in the app.

If an employee answers “yes” to a question, they will be instructed to call Axiom at (281) 419-7063 to speak to a nurse or a nurse will call the employee within 30 minutes.

Employees with a red-light status must be cleared before reporting to work in person. Employees who are not cleared will be asked to call their administrator or supervisor.

Employees should answer “no,” unless they have a recent onset of symptoms or exposure to COVID-19.

Employees should visit http://www.checkin2work.com to set up their account and get started. Employees can watch a helpful training video here. They can also download the Checkln2Work app on their Android or iOS device.

Employees should log on to Checkln2Work using their work account username and password (HISD email address and the password used to log on to their work computer or Office365 websites).

For assistance with their sign-up, employees should contact their supervisor or email SUP-P-Ort@checkin2work.com.