HISD celebrates summer graduates

On Saturday, Houston Independent School District held graduation for the summer 2021 graduates at Delmar-Tusa Sports Complex. HISD celebrated 466 graduates from 29 different high schools like Chavez, Northside, Madison, Lamar, and many more.

Superintendent Millard House delivered opening remarks and commended the crowd, community, and students for persevering through challenging times.

“The class of 2021 is special for many reasons outside the challenges associated with the year, but let’s celebrate the hard work you’ve all put in to get here today, all that you’ve had to overcome, and all the difficulties you had to navigate,” House said in his speech.

Students were also able to see the accomplishments they made making it through the year.

“Regardless of being in a pandemic, people graduating period is enough to celebrate, ” said graduate Connor Marshall Scott from Waltrip High School.

The first graduate to cross the stage on Saturday was Valeria Carballo Medina from Austin High School. The stands at Delmar-Tusa Sports Complex were filled with proud parents, friends, and siblings.

“You want them to grow, and ‘fly away’ they say, ” said Natahalia Moreno, who watched her brother Juan Moreno from Westide walk the stage.

For the class of 2022, school starts Monday, and HISD has implemented a thorough safety plan for in-person learning with “Ready, Set, Go.”