Dream Summit workshop to help HISD DREAMers achieve higher learning

For dreamers, it isn’t just about the hope of attaining citizenship but their dreams for a better education. The process of post-secondary education begins in high school, but for many, it isn’t an easy process. With a little help, however, their dreams can be achieved.

College Readiness and Multilingual will be hosting a virtual Dream Summit Senior Workshop from 2:00 to 2:45 p.m. on Oct. 20 (sign up here). The workshop aims to assist students with applying for both college admission and financial aid.

The workshop will be offered in English and Spanish and is for HISD DREAMers, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients, visa holders, permanent residents, refugees, and asylum grantees, along with their families. At the event, students will have the opportunity to begin the college application process and speak with district representatives regarding financial aid requirements. Wraparound Services will be assisting and showcasing community resources.

“The Dream Summit aims to provide opportunities and empower students and parents with resources and examples of inspirational stories from our community,” said College and Career Readiness Manager Daniel Rodriguez. “Our goal is to resolve fears our immigrant students might have about college and career access and replace them with dreams and pathways.”

The invaluable gift of higher learning is incentive enough, but workshop participants will also have a chance to win prizes after they begin their financial aid application.

Nearly 800,000 immigrants in the U.S. enrolled in K-12 are currently being covered by the 2021 Dream Act. There are many stories of DACA recipients in HISD who are grateful for the opportunity. A former HISD graduate came to the U.S. from Mexico with her mother when she was just 7 years old. After learning English, she excelled at Challenge Early College High School and entered the University of Houston as a junior. In 2015, she completed her Bachelor of Business in Accounting, according to her testimonial.

“After being in the United States for 15 years, it no longer feels like an unattainable dream; it feels like home,” the former student said.