Elected officials ‘get educated’ at Milby HS campus tour

Houston Independent School District trustees, state representatives, senators, program partners, and staff members joined students at Milby High School to kick off the inaugural “Get Educated on HISD” campus tour.

The group learned about Milby’s culinary arts program sponsored by Pappas Restaurants, robust magnet programs that focus on STEM and the oil and gas industry, a state-of-the-art welding lab, and a dual-credit-earning construction trades program sponsored by Marek Construction, which is also in partnership with Houston Community College. 

“As a Milby alum myself, and with a staff made up of over 50% Milby alumni, we know how valuable and important it is for our students to graduate with these marketable skillsets,” said Principal Ruth Pena. “We are happy to have programs where students leave high school with certifications and advanced knowledge that puts them one step closer on the path to their career or even starting their own business.”

State Representatives Alma Allen, Ann Johnson, Christina Morales, and Senator Carol Alvarado stood side by side with students as they were served student-prepared meals, participated in wellness checks, and provided step by step instructions in the art and science of cosmetology, construction, engineering, welding, and HVAC systems.

Students highlighted the importance of their skill sets and the confidence these programs will continue to build for years to come as they seek to become industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and support their families.