HISD launches 2022-2023 Family Friendly Schools Program

HISD’s Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department is excited to launch the 2022-2023 Family Friendly Schools (FFS) Program. With this newly redesigned initiative, FACE will be supporting every school’s efforts to engage parents, families, and the greater Houston community and work to establish a culture of trust in order to achieve its goal of preparing students to succeed in college, career, and beyond.

The FFS Program will help schools nurture advancing student achievement by helping them promote a welcoming environment, honoring families, and linking engaging activities to learning. Additionally, the program will be instrumental in achieving better student academic results, fewer discipline issues, and better attendance rates. Becoming a Family Friendly School can also benefit the effectiveness and the morale on school campuses (Karen Mapp et.al., 2007).

In working together with schools and parents, one of FACE’s main efforts is making sure that every HISD campus will become a certified Family Friendly School with a bronze, silver, gold, platinum, or the newly introduced diamond certification level. These represent a level of commitment to families and something the department will be discussing at upcoming FFS planning meetings.

FACE is thrilled to work alongside principals and campus parent liaisons in continuing the great work that schools across the district have accomplished this past school year.

Please visit this website to find your campus’ assigned FACE specialist to begin scheduling a BOY Check-In meeting to discuss the FFS Campus Action Plan.

For more information, call 713-556-7290 or email FACE@houstonisd.org.