Worthing HS community celebrates launch of MBK TeamUp Houston

The Worthing High School community celebrated the launch of My Brother’s Keeper TeamUp’s Houston chapter with a pep rally on Nov. 17.

The celebration featured special guest appearances from the Houston Rockets, Houston Dynamo, Houston Outlaws, Houston Health Foundation, and local radio station 93.7 The Beat.

“Today is a special day,” said HHF Director of Development Danielle Amoah. “We’re kicking off TeamUp and celebrating all that the program does and ensuring that students know about it and get excited to be a part of it.”

Students in exceptional academic standing were awarded the opportunity to dance, win prizes, and speak with community partners at the celebration. 

One lucky student even won a brand-new laptop presented by MBK TeamUp.

“I wasn’t even expecting it,” said senior Secrets Green. “It feels so great!”

In addition to the fun activities, games, and music, program sponsor Enterprise Holdings presented a generous check in the amount of $83,500 to MBK TeamUp.

Since 2017, MBK TeamUp has partnered with school districts, sports teams, and higher education institutions to help youth leverage the power of sports in underserved communities. 

The program aims to equip students with professional skills, experience, and motivation to pursue college or career paths in the sports industry.

“TeamUp expands the impact of sports to teach kids about front office positions off the court and off the field,” said MBK Director Brandon Denton. “This is an opportunity for us to expose these young people to more workforce development opportunities that aren’t necessarily traditional roles.”

Learn more about MBK TeamUp Houston here.