HISD offering up to $10,000 in annual incentives at highest-need campuses for 2023-2024 school year

As part of Houston Independent School District’s strategic plan, Team HISD has taken impactful steps toward ensuring there are great schools in every community—and that in those great schools, world-class talent is cultivated at all levels. 

To meet the commitment of permanently improving every D- and F-rated campus and in service of all students, HISD is actively recruiting for the RISE Transformational Cohort for the 2023-2024 school year.

RISE is the district’s action plan to better support, strengthen, and empower 24 underserved and underperforming campuses. A full list of schools can be found here.  

By joining the RISE community and working at a RISE school, you will receive: 

  • Annual financial incentives, including up to $10,000 for teachers
  • Dedicated specialized professional development 
  • High-quality curriculum materials and coaching

“RISE schools will allow HISD to show that it is possible for all students to succeed, regardless of background,” said Dr. Khalilah Campbell-Rhone, Assistant Superintendent, RISE Schools Office. “It is imperative that students of greatest need—those whose starting line in life is far behind their peers—have equitable access to effective educators and leaders to accelerate academically, socially, and emotionally.” 

To apply for a position, visit www.HoustonISD.org/Careers.  

For more information about the district’s commitment to fostering a great place for talented people to work and grow, click here