Wisdom HS honored by City of Houston for being named most diverse public high school in Texas

With a student population representing 53 countries and more than 80 languages spoken, HISD’s Wisdom High School is the most diverse public high school in the state of Texas.

To commemorate the honor, the school was presented with a proclamation by the City of Houston in April—which happens to be Celebrate Diversity Month.

“It makes me feel very proud to be able to provide inspiration, leadership, and hope for a community that has very unique needs,” said Principal Kenneth Brantley II. “I feel that this is something people dream aboutleading a school that looks like Wisdom.”

The proclamation was presented to Brantley by Houston City Council Member Edward Pollard who leads a mentoring program at Wisdom High School named The Suits for Men.

If you’ve ever visited Wisdom High School, you’ve probably noticed a quote by J. Trinh illustrated inside the main hallway that reads, “What makes us great is our diversity. What makes us strong is how we contribute to America.”

Based in the most diverse city in the U.S., Wisdom High School students and staff embody and embrace the greatness of having diverse and inclusive communities that welcome families from different parts of the world. 

“Coming to this school, I’ve learned about so many languages and different people from other nations,” said junior Nicholas Porter. “It’s important to learn about this stuff and it’s beautiful to learn these different places, people, and their culture.”

According to the proclamation, 75% of the Wisdom community speaks a language other than English as their native language.

“I’m from Guatemala, and as a Hispanic, I feel very welcomed in this school,” said junior Lucero Mejia. “I say our morning announcements in English and Spanish, and we translate in other languages with TV monitors placed around the school so everybody can understand and feel included.”

HISD is proud to serve and embrace the many cultures and backgrounds that make up the largest public school district in Texas.