HISD partners with Nickelodeon to kick off summer vacation with a sizzle

Summer vacation is representative of freedom and relaxation for students all over the world, a three-month period where the last thing on their mind is schoolwork and schedules. In preparation for a season of cartoons and endless play, HISD teamed up with Nickelodeon and several local partners to launch the Summer Sizzle Campaign and send students off with fun tools for mental enrichment and tips for staying safe outside of school.

Summer Sizzle kicked off with a 16-school End of the School Year Celebration tour MCed by HISD C.O.R.E. (Community Outreach Responsive Environment) officers who led students in dance parties and provided invaluable summer safety tips.

Students enjoyed the premiere of a new Nickelodeon music video and watched their favorite teachers and administrators be doused in green slime on stage. In addition to the schools on the celebration tour, 34 other HISD campuses received Nickelodeon décor and enjoyed festive activities complete with giveaways and “tailgate” parties in their school cafeterias.

Odell McKinney is one of the C.O.R.E. officers who MCed the celebration tour. “It’s been super awesome,” he said. “There have been some amazing schools and students who gave us so much of their energy, and I’m so ecstatic to be a part of this Nickelodeon tour and to show love to our kids.”

At Brookline Elementary, McKinney and a cafeteria full of fifth-grade students danced to popular songs, then the students were delighted to see two of their teachers, Bianca Beal and Madeleine Roman, don plastic ponchos and goggles in preparation to be “slimed” in true Nickelodeon fashion. Both teachers were happy to be able to give their students a fun sendoff to middle school with what turned out to be a memorable experience for them, as well.

“I’ve been waiting all my life to be slimed by Nickelodeon!” said Beal.

As part of the Summer Sizzle Campaign, HISD’s Family and Community Engagement (FACE) department provided 2,500 students of all grade levels with educational resources in Summer Sizzle Fun Packs. These packs included items to foster literacy, math skills, outdoor play, and exploration during the summer break.

HISD’s Summer Sizzle Campaign partners include Comp-U-Dopt, Books Between Kids, Houston Astros Foundation, Houston Public Library, Houston Zoo, Houston Dynamos, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and more. HISD’s Community Partnerships Department secured tickets to the zoo, the Houston Children’s Museum and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts that went directly to students to keep them engaged and learning all summer long.

To learn more about HISD C.O.R.E., visit the HISD PD website, or follow them on Twitter at @HISDPDCORE.

For information on HISD’s summer programs including athletics camps, STEM camps and more, visit the HISD summer programs page here.