Hogg and BCMA Ryan Middle Schools celebrate national magnet certifications

Students and staff at Hogg Middle School and Baylor College of Medicine Academy (BCMA) at Ryan Middle School know their schools are special, and now they have national recognition. Both HISD campuses have met the criteria to become nationally certified by Magnet Schools of America. 

For a magnet school to become nationally certified, the campus must undergo a rigorous application process and assessment that evaluates the campus based on diversity; innovative curriculum and professional development; academic excellence; leadership; and family and community partnerships. Hogg and BCMA Ryan are A-rated campuses and magnet schools, offering diverse and unique curriculums to their students. Both campuses boast dedicated, innovative principals and teachers as well as active parent organizations committed to student success.

Additionally, BCMA Ryan was named a nationally certified demonstration school. The experiential learning school for students interested in medicine exceeded the criteria for national certification. BCMA Ryan is one of only four nationally certified demonstration middle schools in the United States.

“[Applying for national certification] made us do a really deep dive into how we’re recruiting, what our classes look like, if they’re equitable for all students, if they’re having positive effects on student outcomes, and now we’re able to show that it is,” said Hogg Principal Vanessa Saldaña. “We’ve worked really hard to improve the school and improve the program.”

Hogg and BCMA Ryan celebrated their new distinctions with fanfare on Jan. 18 and 26, respectively. The Hogg celebration included performances from some of Hogg’s talented magnet classes, including Hogg Karate and the Hogg Cheerleaders. BCMA Ryan welcomed current students and alumni to speak about the impact of their school’s unique program and a performance from the BCMA Ryan Cheer Team.

Many special guests came to witness the unfurling of the schools’ banners declaring their national magnet status, including Texas State Representative Jarvis Johnson and Nancy Moreno, Chair of the Department of Education, Innovation and Technology at Baylor College of Medicine.

“Hogg being one of our nationally recognized magnet schools and BCMA Ryan being a nationally recognized demonstration school will set the stage for future potential students to not only increase their knowledge of STEM and the medical field but also take advantage of opportunities that they maybe have never had before to take them to the next level,” said HISD Grants and Magnet Programs Manager Omar Elizondo, who spoke at both ceremonies.

To learn more about the process for national magnet certification, watch the video below. For more information about HISD’s magnet programs, visit the School Choice website.