HISD Parents, Students, Staff Grade Schools in Survey

The average Houston Independent School District campus earned a grade of B- after results were tabulated for the most comprehensive stakeholder satisfaction survey in HISD history.

In May, an independent research firm conducted a census-style Your Voice survey that gave every student, parent, teacher, and campus administrator an opportunity to answer on paper forms or online. The survey was offered in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, and was completed by 21,365 parents; 98,364 students in grades 3-12; 5,612 teachers; and 367 campus administrators for a total of more than 125,000 respondents. Results of the survey were presented Thursday to the HISD Board of Education, and are available for public inspection by clicking here.

“We conducted this ambitious survey because our Board of Education is serious about doing whatever it takes to build and maintain the public’s trust and confidence in our schools,” said Superintendent Terry Grier. “We will fully analyze these results to identify strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, we will take action to ensure that every HISD school is offering its students a challenging academic experience in a safe environment.”

Stakeholders at every HISD school were asked questions designed to gauge their opinions on a range of issues specific to their campus, including the level of academic rigor, academic environment, administration and staff, school environment, safety, and family and community engagement. These results have been shared with principals and their school staffs, and they will now use the data to help guide their improvement plans. In the fall, schools will discuss their results with their stakeholders, and HISD departments will engage schools to respond to central office support needs identified in the survey of administrators.

District-wide Results:

  • 83 percent of stakeholders said they are satisfied overall with their school.
  • 89 percent said they are satisfied with the education provided by their school.
  • 71 percent said they are satisfied with the academic rigor at their school.
  • 78 percent said they are satisfied with their school’s teachers and staff.
  • 75 percent said they are satisfied with the environment at their school.
  • 76 percent said they are satisfied that their school is safe and secure.
  • 69 percent said they are satisfied that their school actively engages families.

This year’s survey is the first of its kind, so there are no equivalent prior-year survey results available for comparison purposes. The same survey, which is a significant component of the HISD Board Monitoring System, will be conducted in 2014 and again in 2015.