Video details progress on creating a 21st century Waltrip HS

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A new video released by HISD highlights efforts to turn Waltrip High School into a 21st century campus by building a partial three-story building replacement and updating the space with general building renovations – all of which will be funded by the district’s 2012 bond program.

The video shows members of the school’s Project Advisory Team and includes faculty, students, parents and community members participating in a collaborative design charrette to share ideas on how they envision their new campus.

“We need ideas from the outside and not just teachers and students but even some community members that have an idea about what they want to see across the street from their home,” said Waltrip band director Jesse Espinosa.

Preliminary designs for the new campus include large learning centers, additional laboratories and a canopy where students can gather in the morning.

“There’s a big drive to bring the athletic space and performing arts up into the 21st century,” said an architect with Gensler, the architecture firm designing the school.

A community meeting was held March 11 at the school to provide the community an update on the project’s site plan, design and schedule. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2014.

“The community and parents are very anxious to see the changes that are going to happen, especially with construction,” said Waltrip Principal Andria Schur. “I’m most excited about the increase in safety our new building will bring as it relates to the intake and coming in and out of our building.”

Schur says she’s also excited about the building getting a face-lift that will improve the campus exterior views.

“The appearance on the outside of our school is not a true reflection of what’s going on in the inside of the school with our student learning and phenomenal programs and teachers,” she said. “When people drive by, the school appears to be a dated campus with not a lot happening, but we have one of the best performing arts departments.”

“I want people to come here because they know they’ll get a quality education,” said Waltrip student Jonathan Santos.

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