Learn the roads traveled by HISD’s newest leaders to reach our campuses

Did you know that one of HISD’s newest principals has actually met the queen of England? Or that another once jumped out of an airplane? How about the one who took 17 years to finally propose to his girlfriend? Or the one whose grandfather was in the circus?

Almost two dozen new campus leaders will take the driver’s seat for the first time this fall at various HISD schools, and to help parents, students, and their new colleagues get to know them a bit better, we asked each to tell us a little about their background, pick three adjectives to describe themselves, and reveal something people might not know just by looking at them.

Among them are graduates of Milby and Waltrip high schools, a former nuclear biochemical warfare officer, and a drummer who once opened for the Doobie Brothers.

Discover which ones match the descriptions above and learn more about all of them in the short video below, which was produced by the district’s Multimedia Department and screened at the district’s recent “Welcome Back” event for administrators.

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