New and veteran teachers share excitement of the first week of school

Estefania Espindola Garcia with a student at Cunningham ES

Estefania Espindola Garcia with a student at Cunningham ES

A new academic year kicked off on Aug. 25 in the Houston Independent School District, and across the city, both brand-new and veteran teachers were getting to know their students, establishing new routines, and buckling down to the business of learning.

“I am excited and ready to begin a new school year,” declared Rosetta Calhoun, a returning teacher at Sharpstown High School. “I am anticipating the new personalities and challenges I will encounter.”

Overall, teachers reported the first day going smoothly. “Our principal is an excellent leader who truly crosses her ‘T’s and dots her ‘I’s,” said Monica Harris, a returning music teacher at Billy Reagan K-8. “She and her staff always have a great plan in place that minimizes traffic and confusion.”

Many teachers also expressed excitement about the chance to implement the district’s new Literacy By 3 initiative.

“I went to the courses and read about it,” said Estefania Espindola Garcia, a new recruit from Spain who is teaching at Cunningham Elementary School. “Now, it’s time for practice!”

“I already do small groups and workstations,” added Lori Hays, a returning teacher who serves at Patterson Elementary School. “So this is just an added feature. I am looking forward to reading the books we’ve been given. The literature is wonderful.”