Waltrip HS junior chosen to serve on Souper Bowl of Caring’s youth advisory board

 (Houston Independent School District)Jonathan Simmons, a student at HISD’s Waltrip High School, has been chosen to serve on the Souper Bowl of Caring’s (SBOC) national youth advisory board this year.

The junior was one of only 14 students selected from across the nation to participate, and Jonathan was chosen after completing a rigorous application process that required students to submit a number of essays explaining why they wanted to serve.

As a part of his board duties, Jonathan delivered a speech in front of 500 guests—including Houston Texans CEO Bob McNair—at that organization’s Tackle Hunger Houston luncheon on Sept. 30.

“I am passionate about this issue because of the struggles I’ve seen and experienced,” said Jonathan. “I have an uncle who has gone through some of the exact things we are fighting to end. He’s been homeless, hungry, and in poverty. It’s not his choice, but it is his situation. That’s what drives me, what pushes me to do all I can to help others, so they don’t have to go through the same things my uncle went through.”

“Jonathan is a passionate young man and has had experiences in his own personal life that make it easy for him to speak on our cause,” said SBOC Communications and Food Drive Coordinator Melissa Daigneault. “The story about his uncle is touching and a powerful message.”