Westside teachers putting the HUB to the test

Students at Westside High School won’t be getting their PowerUp laptops until January, but that’s not stopping teachers on campus from using the PowerUp:HUB with their students.

With the help and encouragement of their campus instructional technologist, Westside teachers are starting to use the online teaching and learning platform for various instructional routines with their students including homework assignments and tests.

“Initially I had negative thoughts about the HUB, but now I like it because I and I am not so scared of it,” says Westside Advanced Placement World History Heather Barrow, who is using the HUB for homework assignments that she previously would have assigned to her students to do from a textbook.

“I have noticed they are much more likely to do their homework and turn it on the HUB that they have been in previous years,” said Barrow. “Plus it eliminates so much paper.”

Watch the video below to hear more about the HUB from Barrow and from her students.

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Westside teacher Yoshimi Sheridan is also using the HUB for homework assignments, but she has taken it a step further and is delivering tests to students in both her Japanese and business classes.

“I can create a test with multiple choice, true or false, and open-ended questions,” said Sheridan. “It’s a time saver because I can have the computer instantly grade all the questions except for the open-ended ones.”

Watch the video below to hear more about the HUB from Sheridan and from her students.

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