Video details how designs are coming along for a new HSLECJ

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A new video released by HISD gives an inside look into the design process for the new High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. As part of the district’s 2012 bond program, $40 million has been budgeted to build a new 21st century facility for the school.

“The process has been a little overwhelming, but so gratifying – getting the community, the teachers, the students – especially the students – involved in the process,” said Principal Carol Mosteit.

The school’s Project Advisory Team (PAT) has been working with architects and facilities planners to put together a design plan that will meet the distinctive needs of the school now and well into the future.

The new three-story building will feature a realistic courtroom, a law library, and more than 15 learning centers for teaching crime scene investigations, fire technology, legal studies and emergency communications.

“Each community has their own unique themes and own unique desires for their campus,” said Kedrick Wright, HISD senior manager of facilities design.

HSLECJ began in 1978 on three different campuses and has been located at its existing location, 4707 Dickson Street, since 1980. The new school, which is in the second group of schools to be built under the 2012 bond program, will be located on Scott Street between Pease and Coyle. Construction is scheduled to begin by mid- to late 2015.