Video: Vision for a new Bellaire HS is coming together with community’s help

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In a new video, members of Bellaire’s Project Advisory Team (PAT) discuss their vision and priorities for the school’s new 21st century campus, which will be built as part of the district’s 2012 bond program.

“We’re charged with building something that respects the tradition in the past, that will work for students now and will work with students in the future – it’s a big responsibility,” Bellaire Principal Mike McDonough said.

Bellaire HS is a Vanguard neighborhood school that serves more than 3,400 students and includes a variety of special programs, including IB, Health Science, World Languages and Finance.

“If we do this right – which I think we will – we’ll design something that will continue to instill confidence in our community to send their children to our school. It’s important that we don’t take that for granted, that we maintain their confidence,” McDonough said.

The schematic design work is underway and the school’s Project Advisory Team is working with HISD and the school’s architects on site layout and other issues. This planning and design phase will run through the second quarter of 2015, and construction of the new school is expected to begin before the end of 2015.