Pre-K students show off their bilingual skills

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Law Elementary pre-kindergarten students showed off their bilingual skills to the local media at a press conference on Jan. 23 announcing the expansion of HISD’s dual language program. Law began its dual language program three years ago with pre-K students and now is offering it up to third grade. It will continue to add one grade each year.

“What we have noticed is that the kids are leaving pre-K and kindergarten able to read in both languages,” said Law Principal Hannah Harvey. “The program is allowing our students to progress academically.”

HISD is expanding its successful dual language program to 21 more campuses in 2015–2016, launching thousands of additional pre-K and kindergarten students on the road to learning a second language. Currently, 31 HISD schools offer a Spanish dual language program.

“The earlier we start, the better,” said Assistant Superintendent of Multilingual Programs Dr. Gracie Guerrero. “Kids are like sponges at this age. They are able to absorb everything in their environment.”