Student Congress elects new leaders for coming school year

StudCong_Cabinet2015_440x230Carnegie Vanguard High School student Zaakir Tameez will soon be handing over his gavel to a new leader. The graduating senior, who cofounded HISD’s new Student Congress last year, will be yielding his position as speaker of the congress to Amy Fan, a junior at Bellaire High School, after graduation this spring.

An election for new Student Congress cabinet members took place on March 28 at the Gregory Lincoln Education Center, and the new officers will assume their duties as of May 28.

“It’s been my effort from day one to create something that would last well beyond me,” said Tameez. “Today was a giant step in that direction.”

Below is a list of the new leaders-elect (pictured, L-R, above):

  • Demetron Dotson, advocacy chair, Austin HS, Class of 2017
  • Jacob Castillo, finance chair, Austin HS, Class of 2016
  • Kate Ham, chief of staff, HSPVA, Class of 2016
  • Amy Fan, speaker of the congress, Bellaire HS, Class of 2016
  • Anusha De, initiative chair, Bellaire HS, Class of 2017
  • Jessica DeBoe, outreach chair, HSPVA, Class of 2017
  • Michael Talanker, governance chair, Carnegie Vanguard HS, Class of 2016

“Our election is a testament to our motto: student-run, student-led,” said new Speaker of the Congress Amy Fan. “Now that we have a strong base of members and the foundation is set, we’re ready to accomplish even more. I’m really looking forward to next year.”