Employees honored for promoting a culture of Service Excellence in HISD

In a special luncheon Tuesday, nine employees from across different Business Operations departments were honored for their work in promoting a culture of Service Excellence within HISD.

The event follows a year of trainings held by the nine employees to introduce the mission and standards of Service Excellence to their fellow employees. In all, more than 5,270 people have been trained in Service Excellence since the initiative launched in April.

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“We have a lot to be proud of,” said Alexis Licata, general manager of the Office of Business Assistance. “Through Service Excellence, we are improving the customer service experience for our students, parents, staff and other stakeholders.”

“These nine trainers are truly leading by example and helping us ensure that people have a positive experience when they work with a department within Business Operations.”

Collectively, the trainers held more than 175 sessions impacting nearly 4,000 employees in the areas of transportation, police, nutrition services, construction and facilities services and business assistance. In the two-hour trainings, employees learn the overall service philosophy: ‘We improve lives and build trust by providing exceptional service that creates a safe and caring environment.”

Employees also develop an understanding of the four behaviors that serve as pillars of that philosophy: safe, courteous, responsive and efficient.

“These trainings are so important because they are really a formal introduction to Service Excellence,” said Priscilla Martinez, administrator of Service Excellence. “All of our trainers have done a fantastic job of helping others to understand the value and importance of our customer service relationships. I’m grateful for all of their hard work and dedication.”

Martinez offered specific praise for each of the nine trainers honored:

  • Andria Jones, Warehouse Manager, Office of Business Assistance
    Held 17 trainings since July 2014, introducing 433 employees to Service Excellence.
    “She is very approachable and always willing to share advice when needed.”
  • Donald Broome, Risk Management Trainer, Office of Business Assistance
    Held 7 trainings since March 2015, introducing 166 employees to Service Excellence.
    “He is willing to lend a helping hand and take on new challenges.”
  • Alan Delaney, Training and Support Manager, Transportation
    Held 6 trainings since March 2015, introducing 135 employees to Service Excellence.
    “His classes are the complete opposite of boring and we are so proud that he is an ambassador for Service Excellence.”
  • Cpl. Gilbert Garcia, Police Department
    Held 42 trainings since July 2014 introducing 972 employees to Service Excellence.
    “His outgoing and bright personality can bring a tired audience to life within the first few minutes of a two-hour training.”
  • Kristen Cobb, Sr. Writer, Communications liaison to Police and Transportation departments
    Held 13 trainings since March 2015, introducing 233 employees to Service Excellence.
    “She caught on to training so fast, it’s as if she has done it all her life.”
  • Mariana Quijada, Training Administrator, Nutrition Services
    Held 52 trainings since July 2014, introducing 981 employees to Service Excellence.
    “The feedback we receive from her classes include, ‘Excellent trainer!’ ‘Very nice facilitator!’, ‘Great first day at HISD!’ and that is a prime example of the impression we want our new hires to go home with.”
  • Alyce Honore-Hubert, Senior Manager, Construction & Facilities Services
    Held 3 trainings in 2014, introducing 73 employees to Service Excellence.
    “She stepped up to the plate and volunteered to facilitate the very first Service Excellence Staff trainings in HISD.”
  • April Smith, Manager Maintenance Trainer, Construction & Facilities Services
    Held 15 trainings, introducing 317 employees to Service Excellence.
    “Her trainings are always conducted in a professional and organized manner.”
  • James Mora, Senior Maintenance Trainer, Construction & Facilities Services
    Held 21 trainings, introducing 483 employees to Service Excellence.
    “He reads his audience well and knows how to keep an audience engaged.”