Wow! cards recognize Business Operations employees who put customer service first

HISD employees can receive Wow! cards for displays of excellent customer service.

HISD employees can receive Wow! cards for displays of excellent customer service.

HISD’s Business Operations department remains committed to spreading the culture of exceptional customer service across the district—so much that its employees are now being rewarded for going above and beyond.

As a part of the Service Excellence initiative, the department is now handing out WOW! cards to district employees who spread the message to promote a safe and caring learning environment. Through the initiative, the district is improving the customer service experience for students, parents, staff and community members.

“The cards are a symbol of recognition from management to employees who provide excellent service to students, customers or each other in a safe, courteous, responsive and efficient manner,” said HISD Senior Business Analyst Priscilla Martinez.

The WOW! cards were unveiled in June during the first annual Service Excellence Recognition Luncheon. Managers are able to pass out a card to any employee under Business Operations they recognize displaying one of the four Service Standards: Safe, Courteous, Responsive and Efficient. Service Excellence trainers will also have WOW! Cards to hand out during their two-hour training sessions.

Currently, about 7,000 employees make up the Business Operations department within the areas of transportation, police, nutrition services, construction and facilities services and business assistance.

“An employee can receive as many cards as earned and there is no limit to how many cards can be earned because a manager from any department within Business Operations can hand them out to any employee in the department,” Martinez said. “The more cards you earn, the more chances you are in the drawing to win prizes.”

Business Assistance General Manager Alexis Licata says she utilizes the WOW! cards by keeping a booklet in her purse and at her desk to hand out anytime she notices someone providing excellent customer service.

“I recently had an employee who went above and beyond after receiving a call from another department pertaining to us,” said Licata. “My employee was able to answer questions, get the right people involved, and I happened to be standing there. She was excited about receiving her WOW! card and even posted it at her desk.”

Employees who receive a WOW! card will go into the drawing for that quarter to have the chance to win Service Excellence prizes. All employees who have received WOW! cards throughout the year will be placed into the drawing for the annual prize. Winners will be notified via email.

Managers should also know that when rewarding an employee with a card, be sure to also write the supervisor of the employee so, if necessary, they can also know to notify their employee.

“I really believe the entire Service Excellence program has lifted the morale of our employees,” Licata said. “It really lets them know that we are really grateful and paying attention to what they are doing.”