Nutrition Services plans Grandparents’ Day lunch for Thursday 

After a late start to the school year, HISD’s Nutrition Services has rescheduled its annual Grandparents’ Day observance for Thursday, Sept. 21.

The observance, which is held in elementary schools throughout the district, is a special event that celebrates the important role of grandparents in the lives of our students and in our community. Elementary students are encouraged to ask their grandparents to join them for a special lunch.

This year’s menu will feature BBQ chicken or a chicken quesadilla, mashed potatoes, romaine salad, sweet potato cake and bottled water. Lunches for grandparents can be preordered in the school’s front office or purchased on the day of the event. The cost for adults is $4.

Each year, thousands of grandparents of HISD elementary students participate in the observance. Students often use the special time with their grandparents to introduce them to friends, teachers, and their school community.