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HISD Nutrition Services to host annual Grandparents Day celebration

HISD Nutrition Services is set to host its annual Grandparents Day celebration on Thursday, Sept 13 to honor all grandparents districtwide.

Grandparents Day, recognized the Sunday after Labor Day, is a national holiday that recognizes the important role grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren.

Students are encouraged to ask their grandparents to join them for a special lunch served by school cafeterias to commemorate the day. Continue reading

Nutrition Services plans Grandparents’ Day lunch for Thursday 

After a late start to the school year, HISD’s Nutrition Services has rescheduled its annual Grandparents’ Day observance for Thursday, Sept. 21.

The observance, which is held in elementary schools throughout the district, is a special event that celebrates the important role of grandparents in the lives of our students and in our community. Elementary students are encouraged to ask their grandparents to join them for a special lunch.

This year’s menu will feature BBQ chicken or a chicken quesadilla, mashed potatoes, romaine salad, sweet potato cake and bottled water. Lunches for grandparents can be preordered in the school’s front office or purchased on the day of the event. The cost for adults is $4.

Each year, thousands of grandparents of HISD elementary students participate in the observance. Students often use the special time with their grandparents to introduce them to friends, teachers, and their school community.

Grandparents’ Day celebrated at HISD

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Hundreds of HISD elementary schools celebrated Grandparents’ Day on Wednesday, Sept. 16, with a special lunch. Grandparents were invited to attend and enjoy HISD and Nutrition Services hospitality during their special day of recognition.

Grandparents’ Day has been celebrated every September since President Jimmy Carter created it in 1978. HISD recognizes grandparents for the love, strength, and guidance they provide to their grandchildren. This special lunch has become an HISD tradition that both young and old look forward to every year.

Grissom Elementary School Principal Jane Ocanas is happy to host Grandparents’ Day and made special gifts to celebrate them, as they remind her of her own upbringing. “I was raised by my grandparents,” Ocanas said. “They taught me values and beliefs I apply to my daily life.”

More than 150 grandparents made their way into the cafeteria to share lunch with their children’s children, where HISD team members thanked them for serving as role models for young people.

After a brief prayer, grandparent Lashunda Williams said it was special for her to come and share lunch time with her granddaughter. “It’s lovely to see the healthy meals the food department has in schools these days,” Williams said. “We are eating healthier at home and she loves the food she gets at school.”

Williams’ granddaughter, first-grader Markayla Conelly, comes from a family of chefs, and she gives the food high marks, too.

“I like everything, especially the nachos, and the fresh fruit and vegetables,” she said. Markayla added that HISD Nutrition Services meals are better than at her previous school district.