HISD students selected to share radiation-proof clothing design with NASA

Two teams of HISD students have been invited to NASA’s Langley Research Center in August to share their student-designed, wearable, radiation-proof clothing with NASA engineers and scientists as part of the 2019 NASA Wearable Equipment for Adverting Radiation (WEAR) challenge. 

The WEAR challenge tasks middle and high school students to design garments to help mitigate radiation exposure during deep space missions. The teams, made up of students and teachers from Milby High School and Deady Middle School, submitted design proposals for wearable anti-radiation garments via video for review by NASA personnel.  

The teams then received invitations to the Langley Research Center located in Hampton, VA, to discuss their concepts with NASA personnel, participate in STEM engagement activities, and tour NASA facilities. According to NASA, the development of radiation countermeasures is an important step as astronauts return to the moon by 2024 and continue on to Mars. 

You can follow the teams on their journey to NASA Langley using the hashtag #NASA_WEAR on social media. For more information about WEAR, visit the website at http://go.nasa.gov/nasa_wear.