HISD observing Vaping Prevention Week with school activities to raise awareness

Vaping Prevention Week is December 16-20, and in an effort to highlight the dangers and risks associated with vaping and e-cigarette use among youths, HISD campuses will be focusing on a different activity each day. 

Schools will be raising awareness with the following daily classroom exercises:  

  • Monday, December 16: Campus staff will share HISD’s anti-vaping PSA with students to start the conversation about prevention and awareness.  
  • Tuesday, December 17: Students will investigate the toxic ingredients contained in e-cigarettes and the short- and long-term side effects of each chemical on the human body.  
  • Wednesday, December 18: Exercise will include interviewing a trusted adult about their experiences and knowledge about vaping, and then students will share out with their peers about what they learned.  
  • Thursday, December 19: Students will create an eye-catching warning label for e-cigarettes with the goal of informing buyers about the reality and potential dangers of the product.

Tobacco and e-cigarette use are prohibited at all HISD schools and facilities, buses, playgrounds, and at athletic and after-school events. Students in possession of or found to be using vaping or e-cigarette devices are disciplined according to the HISD Student Code of Conduct. Also, a new state law took effect on September 1, 2019 that raises the legal age for vaping or smoking in Texas to 21.  

During Vaping Prevention Week, share your photos, videos, and messages of support on social media using #SayNoToVaping and #HISDEmpowers. Let’s spread the word to raise awareness and send the message that vaping and e-cigarettes are dangerous and pose risks to the health of children. 

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